Warlock's Spell Slots

With various interesting occult themes and graphics, as well as unique sound effects, this game provides an immersive fantasy environment for gaming enjoyment. Warlock's Spell is a five-reel slot. It contains 20 paylines and 20 possible winning combinations. With a bonus game, wild symbol, and scatter symbol, this game gives you the options you need to make the most of your playing time.

About Warlock's Spell

Warlock's Spell is a real-time slot game that offers casino players many ways to win. It is a 5-reel progressive game with 20 paylines, scatter, and wild and free spin. Playing slots is a perfect and fantastic way for casino players to get involved in spells, potions, witches, and potions. The Warlock's Spell slot game is one of a kind. Warlock's Spell has sounds and graphics that amaze casino players and magic-filled characters. There are witches, wizards, magic potions, black cats, and spell books, to name a few. The slot also has several dynamic features that make it worthwhile for casino players to play. However, the Warlock's Spell slot game will require players to have some money in the casino.

Theme And Symbols

The theme is entertaining, with unique designs and breathtaking details. Symbols help tie the whole piece together. You have Koku, the coins in Japan, Ronin, Horse, a Banner, Samurai Helmet, Building, and the classic playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. The fantasy theme of Warlock's Spell is deeply rooted in the game's graphics. Many unique icons are available, including spell books, crystal balls, witches, and wizards. Each icon is custom designed, looks lovely, and blends seamlessly with the theme. Both witches and wizards are wild symbols in this game. The wizard symbol can appear on reels 3, 4, and 5, while the witches appear on reels 1, 2, and 3. These symbols can substitute any other character apart from the scatter logo during the game. The book of spells is the scatter symbol for the Warlock's Spell slot. In addition, the spellbook icon will multiply your win by the total bet, not the payline. Collect them to open the Potion Prize bonus game and get up to 100 free games. Until part of the game depends on your skills. The faster you can collect spell books, the more free games you get!

Betting Options

Casino players can play many coin amounts between 20 paylines for betting. Values ​​range from $0.01 to $5, meaning bet amounts range from 1 cent to $100 per spin. In addition, the game is a progressive jackpot slot awarded randomly, making it a whirlwind of wins for casino players.

Spellbook Scatter and Free Spins

Spellbooks are the scatter symbol in the slot game, and they come in handy in this slot game for casino players. Whenever three or more Spellbook symbols appear on the reels of the slots, the Potion Prize feature is triggered, where casino players choose from ingredients to create a Wizard's Spell. The casino player starts with the maximum win and reduces when the wrong ingredients are selected. It is then essential for casino players to guess the right ingredients to create the magic. The reward for casino players is free games are triple value prizes during the bonus feature. The spell creation feature is also re-triggerable so the casino player can get another chance against the spell book.

Progressive Jackpot

Like many other RTG games, Warlock's Spell slots offer a tremendous primary jackpot and a progressive random jackpot. As the game progresses, this jackpot increases. You can watch the amount in the center of the screen as it rises. At the end of the game, the jackpot will be random, regardless of the symbols exposed, the amount bet, or the number of paylines used. That ensures that everyone has a chance to bet and win.